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The Secret Sisters Music Video Appearance

In January, 2020, Clog Wild Cloggers made their first music video appearance in "Hand Over My Heart", the premier video for The Secret Sisters upcoming album release! For more information on The Secret Sisters click HERE

Lifetime: Her America

In February, 2018, Kay was featured in Lifetime's new series, #HerAmerica, which features 50 women from 50 states and Kay proudly represents Alabama. To take a look at her story click HERE

Diabetes Dance Dare!

Every 23 seconds someone is diagnosed with diabetes. In October 2016, to bring awareness to this epidemic we decided to do the Diabetes Dance Dare. Clogging style. And challenge some of our fellow cloggers to take the dare and donate! As a result our video was picked up by reporter with BBC NEWS and included us in the article about how the Dance Dare campaign is taking off in the UK. Here is the link to the article: click HERE

On Stage with Country Singer Jeff Bates!

In December 2015, Director, Kay Trimm and Co-Director, Jan Hogan, got an unexpected opportunity to clog on stage with Country Music Singer, Jeff Bates. 

As the story goes...

Kay and Jan have been following Jeff Bates for many years and he knew we clogged to one of his songs. We requested "Don't Hate Me for Loving You" because we just wanted to be able to clog in the audience, even though we joked about having grand delusions of him calling us up on stage. I mean, a clogger can dream right? Lol When he started singing we jumped up and started clogging. Before we could sit down he called us up to come up on stage and had us freestyle as they played a tune!!
IT WAS AWESOME!!! Thank you Jeff for making this the most memorable night ever! For more info on the awesome and talented Jeff Bates, click HERE